12 month Pathway to Financial Freedom Property Investor®


The 12 month Pathway to Financial Freedom Property Investor package is the holy grail. This gives you everything you could possibly need from tips, tricks, and dedicated support every step of the way



Premium Features:
· Joint-venturing, property sourcing & introduction to commercial property education
· 5 face-to-face meeting (3hrs each) + up to 24 Skype/calls (30 mins each) 2 per month or as agreed
· Marketing review and “how to find the deal” workshop (half-day)
· Introduction to my legal, specialist mortgage, tax and commercial property advisors
Also Includes:
· How to raise finance guide & assistance preparing your own investor documents
· Deal assessment and critique (on-going)
· Serviced accommodation, assisted sale education
· 2 full day property viewings in an area of your choice
· 3 face-to-face meetings (3hrs each) + 18 Skype/calls (30 mins each) up to 2 per month
· Personal financial review
· Buy-to-Let & Flips fundamental education
· Introduction on how to raise funds for your first purchase
· One year action plan
· Investment area assessment including one day on-site trip to location of your choosing (full day)
· One face-to-face meeting (3 hrs), on site trip (full day) + 6 Skype/calls (30mins each) up to 2 per month
· On-going email / SMS support


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