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Life In Progress

Here is some blurb about life in progress

Welcome to Barry Nelson – Life In Progress

I started cutting grass for people in Ayr and surrounding towns in 2010 and this was my introduction into business. Since then the business has evolved into a quality labour supply for the construction industry turning over £1.4million a year.

I am passionate about personal and professional development and massively believe in helping other people. In 2015 I started my online business to create an additional stream of income and build a residual income. This put me on a path of personal development and helped me expand my vision for what is possible in life and in business and led me into the property game.


I did a property training course that cost me £20,000 to learn the different strategies to invest in property. Despite taking slots away from this programme I found that most of the value is in the doing and having a mentor come with us around our investment area for 3 days doing real life deals and coming up against real challenges.

We are building a BTL portfolio as well as flipping property and sourcing deals to other investors and have just bought our first serviced accommodation property. We bought 15 properties in 16 months raising cash from private investors to fund our deals and giving them a 10% return on their money. Let’s face it the banks aren’t giving anything!

I now want to pass on the knowledge I have learned as I am passionate about helping others achieve wealth creation using property as a vehicle and offer my mentorship packages.

No courses, real life action!


Assessing Your Potential Investment

When it comes to inspecting a property you need to make sure that you accurately budget for any repairs or renovations so as to maximise your profit and not take on a “money pit”. Onsite investment area assessments are included with all of our mentorship packages that you can get from us!

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